About us

After ARGO - BRUSSELS HELLENIC NETWORK, ARGO - PARIS HELLENIC NETWORK is the next stop of the international Network of Greeks working in the private sector in various countries around the world (executives with multinational companies, law firms, NGOs, associations, etc).

The purpose of our Network is to provide mutual support and solidarity among the Greeks working as executives in the private sector in France, as well as to diffuse positive messages about Greece in our professional and social environment.

The first seed for the creation of our Network was planted on 23/02/2016 among 35 Greeks of Paris. And a few weeks later, on 12/04/2016, ARGO - PARIS HELLENIC NETWORK kicked off. In our first, founding meeting, we unanimously approved our Articles of Association, as well as our Network’s 5-member Executive Board.

As Greeks living abroad and, perhaps by definition, working in tough and competitive contexts in the private economy sector, we prove on a daily basis that we have no fear of open horizons and challenges. Mostly cosmopolitan and extrovert, we are sending out our own message : no matter how hard the conditions and the context, Greeks know how to battle and win!